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About Company

CHI Nanchang Quanshihong Machine Company was built in 2007, located in Luoting Industrial Park, Nanchang City, Jiang-Xi Province with a ground space 120 acres. CHI Nanchang Quanshihong is devoting on producing Ductile Iron, Casting Iron, Casting Enamel and Machined Parts and being a 100% export supplier for Europe, North of America and Japan. A founder of CHI Nanchang Quanshihong, FANG KAO CHU, has been working on this business more than 25 years since had a factory at Fuzhou in 1989.

CHI Nanchang Quanshihong delicates on upgrading productions and equipments, such as the automation. Now, operation process is run almost 80% automatically. At the other hand, offering a customer ALL-IN-ONE service, we coordinated all production process is done at one place, such as tooling, Casting, Machine, and enameled parts.

Mission and Vision

To be a world-class supplier on casting and enamel industry is our long term vision; adding value and cost saving on products by consistently technical upgrading is our short-term target. CHI gives our customers not only competitive products but also solutions when customer met problems by our production and design group.

History and Revolution of the Company

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Factory address: Tel: 86-791-87619116 Chinese, Jiangxi province Nanchang Wanli Luoting Industrial Park